Hyperopia – Long Sightedness


If you find that you get intermittent distance blur or that you have difficulty concentrating for long during reading, then you may be one of the millions of people with hyperopia or long-sightedness.

Hyperopia is an optical imperfection of the eye.

If you have perfect sight, then, as light enters the eye, it is carefully focused by various components of the eye to form a focus on the retina.

Hyperopia occurs because the eye is too short or when the cornea is too flat. As a result, light is focused behind the retina. This means that near objects become blurred. The greater the long-sightedness, the greater the blur at near. Depending on the degree of long-sightedness, hyperopes are able to see clearly at long distance. Treatment of hyperopia involved refocusing light back onto the retina. There are several options; however, the most common are spectacles and contact lenses.

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