Stay on top of your game with top quality sports eyewear


If you’re a keen sportsperson, you’ll probably already be aware of the importance of clear vision to make sure you’re always giving your best performance.

Even if you already wear normal glasses or sunglasses, did you know that specialist sports eyewear could improve your game even further? Whether you’re a skier, golfer, athlete, or tennis player, playing competitively or for fun, there’s a huge range of options for you.

At Major Opticians you’ll find an impressive selection of eyewear from leading sports brand Nike. Our team is specially trained in the benefits and features of sports eyewear, and are able to offer you bespoke and professional advice on the most appropriate options for your game.

Nike offers a range of standard glasses and sunglasses that are uniquely designed for sport. The models are made for maximum comfort and fit, with rubber coatings on the arms for grip and stability, and wraparound frames for maximum vision at all angles.

The lenses themselves also reduce glare and improve contrast in shadow, allowing you to have the clearest possible vision and remain comfortably focused on the game. Should you already have a prescription, this can easily be inserted into your sports eyewear, whether they’re normal glasses or sunglasses.

A particularly innovative quality within Nike eyewear is their option for interchangeable lenses. This means that you can choose two lenses with different tints to fit your frames, and will therefore be able to adapt your lens choice to the
weather. Photochromic Transitions™ lenses also improve your visual comfort even further, darkening in the sunlight and returning to clear when back indoors. You’ll never have to squint to see the ball, track or ski run again!

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